Another Vintage Camper Fan!

I know I haven’t posted in forever, but I have been swamped with moving out of the warehouse and with the grand opening of a new brick and mortar storefront with My Sweetheart. VERB. MEMO. LOVE.  Opened its doors last Friday in Canton, Texas,  part of First Monday Trade Days. Please visit our page at, and Like, Share & Tag us to show your support for this exciting new project that means so much to My Sweetheart and to me. We appreciate every ounce of support, sincerely.

But I didn’t start out this post to talk about the new shop, I am here to add to my previous vintage camper post. It seems that one of my high school mates has a soft spot for the nostalgia of trailer hitch travel and has curated a sample of her favorites,  quite an impressive collection, in a pinterest board she simply calls Shasta. Please check it out along with her other stunning boards. You can find them all here.