Week Five: More Clothes Than You Can Shake a Stick At

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is something seriously wrong with my head. It doesn’t work right. It’s kind of like a big truck with a little bitty battery; you turn the key, and it starts to turn the engine, but it just doesn’t have the juice to kick it over and let it run.

Here’s an example:

This morning, when My Sweetheart and I were waking up, he commented that today is another day for me to post a pic for the 4-day De-Clutter Challenge. When he mentioned it, I told him immediately that I planned on posting something really easy this week. “I think I’m going to post a photo of the bed of the truck.” That statement was turning the key in the ignition. Now that the time has come to actually take some pics and get them out there for you to see them and join me in the challenge, the engine just isn’t engaging like it should.

Instead of taking the easy way out, like I would do if my head was right, I am thinking about a massive pile of clothing in the warehouse. Make that 2 or three piles of clothing… Massive piles of clothing. All of it clean. Most of it folded or laid out flat, waiting to adorn hangers. If I had to quantify the amount of clothing waiting for attention, I would say that there is enough of it in the warehouse to provide modest wardrobes for nearly a dozen people… not counting the massive amount of infant, toddler and small children’s clothes.

The amount of clothing we have is sometimes the bane of my existence. And the most troublesome thing about the clothes is that most of them aren’t ours. Most of them have been tossed out by the bagful and sneak into the warehouse among the treasure that My Sweetheart brings home. Every now and then a few items which are sized to fit me will come through the door, but only very rarely. We go through the bags and pull out what we think will work for us and we make piles for alteration or upcyling, but I’ve only recently gotten the sewing machine needed for those projects. The task is pretty daunting at this point.

We need to make a trip to the donation center with a lot of the clothes we have here. I don’t know why we’ve been putting it off, but I do know that if I don’t post about the clothes today we won’t be accountable for doing something about it for at least a week. Posting a photo of the bed of the truck (which doesn’t happen to have much in it today anyway) isn’t going go very far in the progress department.

That said, this is my project for week number five: More Clothes Than You Can Shake a Stick At.

And this is but a fraction of the clothes I am talking about…. UGH!

See what I mean about my head not being quite right?! If it was right I would be showing you much less work!

I hope that some of you will join me this week!

(btw… Posting on a blog works a lot better when you actually publish your post rather than just previewing it and walking away. Duh! More proof that my head isn’t right…)

ISO: WP-Buddy

I mentioned in my last post that when it comes to getting new ideas posted on the blog I’ve felt like I’m stuck. I never seem to have what I need in order to make a potential post “pop.” I don’t consider myself a perfectionist, but I just don’t want to even start a new entry unless I feel like I have all that I need for a perfect blog post.

I’ve decided that I can’t get over this issue alone, so I am hoping that someone out there will help me out and buddy up with me. I don’t need coach or a mentor, although I am completely open to a blogging relationship of that nature. I just need someone to gently and not-so-gently prod me into getting my ideas out of my head and onto repurposedKATE on a regular basis… Kinda like a workout buddy (who would have to prod me to shut down the computer and get my rear-end to the gym), available and persistently encouraging. Constructively critical would be a great characteristic, as well.

I’ve never tried this kind of thing before, soliciting strangers for ongoing help, but I really want repurposedKATE to be a success, so I am willing to try just about anything and I’m looking forward to getting some good feedback.

In the meantime, I’ve started using Instagram on my Android phone and I’m using it to upload images to my brand new twitter profile. Now I shouldn’t have as much trouble posting without pics because I’m hoping to have the pics online even before I sit down to write a new post.

Check out these images I posted yesterday. My sweetheart and I found this complete Stanley bedroom set sitting by a dumpster in far North Dallas a few weeks ago. Can you believe the things people throw out?!!

stanley bedroom1

Waiting for the trash-man... So sad. 😦

stanley bedroom2

Does anyone know the collection these pieces belong to? I can't find the collection anywhere...

Craigslist Weekly Treasures

One of my frequent online diversions is searching the local edition of Craigslist.org. Dallas/Fort Worth is a rich market for both trash and treasure alike and I’m certain to find a handful of neat offerings every time I browse the site.

Here’s a sample of treasures, my top ten, uncovered on Craigslist this past week. What do you think? See anything you could find a use for? Please share your thoughts in the comments or show off some of the awesome finds in your local edition.

I know, I know… I should have noted all of the prices; I’ll do better next week.

By the way, you can view all of these images and others on my profile at WeHeartIt.com. I<3 WeHeartIt.com.

wicker cabinet


octagonal table

Octagon Table


Mission Desk

child's dresser


maple coffee table


Mid-century Wall Unit

Wall Unit

1940s Buffet


Scrapbooking Desk

Scrapbooking Desk

Mid-century Buffet


Teardrop Trailer

Teardrop Trailer