Why Hipsters Killed Social Media Buttons

The term “hipster” is only taken in such a derogatory way because every hipster is adamantly opposed to being considered hipster.

This point brought to mind the poem, A Peculiar Evolution, not from the similarities of the concepts, but through the polar opposite views of each class, “hipsters” and people identifying (or trying to identify) themselves by a label initially created to segregate rather than… Well, I will let the poet explain, because I don’t want you to think that I missed the point of the original post. Watch, read, then let me know if you make the connection as well or let me know that I’m crazy.

Derek Hobson fantastically explains why I have been agonizing (pointlessly) over my social media buttons and how to get them clicked. A worthy read whether your buttons are getting clicked or not.

Just Buy More Jewelry…

There are many blog posts that suggest creating images with catchy phrases, poems or famous quotes for sharing online (to increase brand awareness and audience engagement). That recommendation brought to mind the image I once created for the header of my profile on MySpace (remember MySpace?), so I redesigned and revamped the concept into a new image, not quite a meme, and I am ready to release it into the wild.
Please Pin, Like and Share accordingly.

Don't hate.

Hating me won’t make you prettier. (Buy more jewelry.)

Of course, this doesn’t apply to you… YOU look awesome!
As always, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


I have been hinting over the past few posts about an up-coming Etsy.com storefront, but I am through dropping hints because my up-coming Etsy.com shop is now open for business! Yea!

Now, before I give you the URL, I am going to ask those of you on Facebook and/or Twitter to do a big favor for me by showing me some social media love when you visit my newly opened shop. If you aren’t familiar with the Etsy layout or where to find the “like” and “follow” buttons on the site, just look for them below this image on my front (er… only) shopping page:

Etsy Banner for RepurposedKate

Please “like” and “follow” via the buttons –> –> –>

Before you get too excited about all of the goodies you are going to find in my shop, let me just warn you that I have only posted four pieces of jewelry so far, but there is more to come. I wanted to launch with only a few items as a kind of pre-grand opening and get some feedback from you about the shop, profile, store policies before I come out big. Why? Because you’re my friends and I know you’ll shoot straight with me, right? I know I’ll make friends over on Etsy, too, but I haven’t yet and I’m a little nervous about it, so help me out and let me know what you think of repurposedKate on Etsy.com.

And please don’t forget to “like” and “follow.” If you want bonus brownie points, please follow along on Pinterest and repin the items on my jewelry board. (Pretty please?)

Ok… Now go have fun, but don’t get lost, on Etsy and Pinterest!