3 for Free

I’ve got big plans for de-cluttering today and my sweetheart’s mother will arrive tomorrow for a short visit. Needless to say, I haven’t a lot of time for posting today, but I did treat myself to a quick look at the local free section of craigslist.org. Below are my top 3 finds.

Does anyone else ever have any luck with the free section on craigslist? If you have made some good finds, share them with us, especially if you’ve actually been lucky enough to make them your own!

free desk on cl

Free Desk

Free Futon

Free Futon

Free Piano

Free Piano

Craigslist Weekly Treasures

One of my frequent online diversions is searching the local edition of Craigslist.org. Dallas/Fort Worth is a rich market for both trash and treasure alike and I’m certain to find a handful of neat offerings every time I browse the site.

Here’s a sample of treasures, my top ten, uncovered on Craigslist this past week. What do you think? See anything you could find a use for? Please share your thoughts in the comments or show off some of the awesome finds in your local edition.

I know, I know… I should have noted all of the prices; I’ll do better next week.

By the way, you can view all of these images and others on my profile at WeHeartIt.com. I<3 WeHeartIt.com.

wicker cabinet


octagonal table

Octagon Table


Mission Desk

child's dresser


maple coffee table


Mid-century Wall Unit

Wall Unit

1940s Buffet


Scrapbooking Desk

Scrapbooking Desk

Mid-century Buffet


Teardrop Trailer

Teardrop Trailer