Migraines Suck… Vintage Campers Don’t

Did anyone miss week seven’s 4Day Challenge? No? Me either. I might ought to keep that tid-bit to myself, but it is what it is and that’s that. I’ve been suffering a migraine that started the day I should have posted the challenge. Even now, the day after I should have posted the reveal, I am only just beginning to experience the slightest relief. To my readers who suffer this condition, I have the utmost empathy for you. Of my readers who have never experienced the anguish of a genuine migraine headache, I envy you but I hope you’re enviable status in this case never changes. I don’t think any of us who suffer from migraines would wish this condition on any living creature. (To be honest, there is one living creature upon whom I would bestow this agonizing condition, but that’s a different post altogether, so I’ll save it…)

Whenever cluster of these headaches chooses the wee hours of the morning to release its death-grip on my grey-matter, as it has done this morning, I try to occupy my mind with happy thoughts and engage in activities which are neither mentally nor physically demanding and won’t disturb my family’s rest. Today I found those happy thoughts on a laptop screen set to the least bright setting available and on the pages of Pinterest under the search string “vintage campers.”

On of the big, big items on my bucket list is to purchase and restore or (even better) totally remodel and modernize a vintage, bumper-pull camper and I’ve decided to share my dream with you. Hopefully by sharing these happy thoughts they will multiply and help keep the headaches under control.

Just for kicks, I’ll make it a TOP TEN list…

I hope you will post your Pin-loved favorite vintage camper boards in the comments.

He’s a Sweetheart and I’m an A-hole.

I signed off yesterday with a plan: “Today I capture; tomorrow I post.” My plan went to poop even before I was off the computer. I thought that the light-headed, queazy, “UGH” feeling I was experiencing was just my nerves rattling at the thought of posting up some “before” photos of my apartment. When my normally-strong constitution fluttered over the thought of how much gristle I would encounter if I tried to eat an elephant, I realized I was in for an afternoon in a dark, cold, quiet room. I went straight from WordPress to bed and stayed there, with a migraine, until very early this morning. I have struggled with it most of today as well.

As I was settling myself into bed, I mentioned to my sweetheart that I had been intending to take some photos to post on here. I think he may have been concerned by that intention because as I struggled with my head, my dearest took the time and effort to tidy up behind himself around the apartment. Now you know why I call him “my sweetheart.”

I rewarded his efforts by picking a fight with him and acting like an a-hole in general. When our argument reached the nothing-else-to-say stage he went to the bedroom and, out-of-the-blue, started decluttering the entertainment center I’m planning to repurpose into a wardrobe. I went to bed and pretended to play a game on my phone while I watched him work.

I’m not sure why I was a jerk when I woke up, but I know I still haven’t apologized and I feel horrible about it. I think I’m going to go make up with him, if he’ll let me off the hook. Then I’ll serve him some cornbread and the stew I’ve been simmering all morning.

One thing I do know about my purpose is that I’m supposed to make my man’s life easier, not harder. I need to tend to that more than I need to take pictures of my clutter.