The Bittersweet Season Begins Again

I just opened my admin panel to make a quick post and found this notification from WordPress waiting for me:

Happy Anniversary! You registered on 2 years ago! Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

I can hardly believe all of the unexpected and heartbreaking events that have taken place in the past two years, but through it all, I have My Sweetheart and I feel like our love grows more and more every day. Two years ago I wouldn’t have expected to be saying that now. Maybe that’s just proof that everything really does happen for a reason. {sad smile}

Anyway… I am here to make a quick post about the upcoming holiday season, which is always so difficult for me. If you’ve read this blog from the beginning, you know that I lost my grandparents a year apart at this time of year over a decade ago and have seen very little of my natural family since then. My Sweetheart is known to say that when we grow up, our family becomes more about the people we choose to have in our lives. I agree with that philosophy more and more, but in the past year (or two) the list of those we call family is shorter and shorter. Last year we lost two members of our closest family, our friend Pam and our Diggity Dog, exactly one month apart, and those wounds are still very fresh today. Almost everyone else we have come to know and love and trust as family have pruned themselves from our chosen family tree by one form or another of deceit or devious behavior. With so few friends to call on this year, my favorite aspect of the holidays is going to be a bit tricky.

THAT is what I was going to post about… My favorite thing about the holiday season is cooking for the people I love. Every year, My Sweetheart and I put out an open invitation to everyone we know to join us for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t think that’s going to happen this year. Instead, we have decided that we aren’t even going to celebrate on the same day as the rest of the country. This year, we will be celebrating one day early. We lost our Diggity Dog on the day before Thanksgiving last year, so we are going to celebrate that little dog and everything else for which we are thankful on the anniversary of his passing. (Yes, I know that the date won’t be the same, but it’s the significance of the *day* that means something to us.)

And, just because we aren’t going to expect to feed a family the size of an army, don’t think I won’t be cooking up a feast. I’m already looking for a couple of new recipes to include in this year’s menu on I’ve been a member of the site since it was called RecipeZaar.

RecipeZaar founding member banner

My username there is “LoveToCookHateToClean,” so if you have a recipe to help brighten our season a little bit, let me know in the comments here or find me in the community pages there. I love learning new dishes for My Sweetheart.

Are the holidays a difficult time for you, too? Share your coping strategy in the comments. I need all the help I can get.


I have been hinting over the past few posts about an up-coming storefront, but I am through dropping hints because my up-coming shop is now open for business! Yea!

Now, before I give you the URL, I am going to ask those of you on Facebook and/or Twitter to do a big favor for me by showing me some social media love when you visit my newly opened shop. If you aren’t familiar with the Etsy layout or where to find the “like” and “follow” buttons on the site, just look for them below this image on my front (er… only) shopping page:

Etsy Banner for RepurposedKate

Please “like” and “follow” via the buttons –> –> –>

Before you get too excited about all of the goodies you are going to find in my shop, let me just warn you that I have only posted four pieces of jewelry so far, but there is more to come. I wanted to launch with only a few items as a kind of pre-grand opening and get some feedback from you about the shop, profile, store policies before I come out big. Why? Because you’re my friends and I know you’ll shoot straight with me, right? I know I’ll make friends over on Etsy, too, but I haven’t yet and I’m a little nervous about it, so help me out and let me know what you think of repurposedKate on

And please don’t forget to “like” and “follow.” If you want bonus brownie points, please follow along on Pinterest and repin the items on my jewelry board. (Pretty please?)

Ok… Now go have fun, but don’t get lost, on Etsy and Pinterest!

Week One: Under The Wire (Eeek! At least I hope so!)

I know that this is really sorry way to start a new series, but what happens happens and sometimes it’s poopy. But sometimesyou get the help you need when you need it and just manage to squeak by with just enough to count… I got mine from my sweetheart today, and here’s the result!!!

Week One: results

Week One: results[slideshow]

Thanks to an internet connection (mine) that I’ll vent to you about later, a new shop (mine!) on Etsy that I’ll introduce very soon and the most awesome sweetheart ever (mine, AGAIN!!!) that I’ll brag about even sooner, I’m happy to reveal the results of my first weekly challenge-to-self (and to my sweetheart, apparently) with a whopping 2 minutes to spare (in my time zone, anyway…) I’ve gotta click that publish button now, but next week I’m just decluttering my purse!

Special, special, special thanks to My Sweetheart for everything, I mean everything you do for me. I love you tons (and owe you, big time)!!

Craigslist: Less Love Than Hate

I know I have posted that I love craigslist for the freebies. I love the site for its deals, too. No, I really don’t. I love it for the idea of its deals, but the fact is that I’ve never been in on a craigslist transaction through which I didn’t walk away feeling as though I had been shafted. That’s just on purchases.

When it comes to selling, I have had a mountain of luck the size of a pin head. I educate myself on the TOS and the prohibited items, carefully select every word of my ad, include attractive and relevant photos, contact info, the whole 9 yards. Once posted, my ads have one of two results: flagged into oblivion within the hour or they sit without response until the end of time. It’s re-effen-tarded and I feel re-effen-tarded for trying to post anything EVERY TIME I publish a new listing on that stupid site.

Here’s my latest (Please tell me what you would say might make this listing unworthy of publication on such an esteemed marketplace as craigslist):

Your Chihuahua Puppy is Waiting for You Here – $250 (Love Field/Design District)

Three 7-week old chihuahua pups (2 males/1female) ready to start their new “job” providing companionship, unconditional love and tons of happiness right away.

This will be the last litter our chihuahuas will have and they are the most attractive of all the puppies we’ve had to offer. Because every person who meets the parents of these fiesty little marvels falls head-over-heels for them, all of our litters have been conceived by special request. All of our litters have been born with their new families already waiting for them. The families intended for this last trio have been unable to honor their commitments to these wonderful, cuddly and fiercely loyal little dogs. Now these little love-pups need you and they can’t wait to shower you with puppy-love!

Ideal companions for empty-nesters or any primarily adult household, your chihuahua will guarantee you will never be lonely as long as your little guy or girl is around to entertain you.

A re-homing fee of $250 for the boys and $300 for the female (she is the absolute cutest chihuahua I’ve ever laid eyes on) covers the cost of vet care for Mommie and the costs incurred as well as other aspects of the puppies’ care until they are received by their new families. The puppies will arrive at their new homes, ready to get to work, with a new job starter kit consisting of a toy, puppy food, potty pads and other goodies.

Please don’t keep my grandpuppies waiting. They are all ready to meet you and get busy filling your life with joy!

Please call (my sweetheart) or Kate at (phone number here) to arrange to pick up your love pup right away!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I could add a ton more photos of these cuties, but these are the three I posted on CL.

Feedback is greatly appreciated… Especially if you are in the market for a love pup!