Upcycled Fashion by Verb. Memo. Love. on Etsy

My sweetheart and I have joined forces in repurposedKATE’s retail adventure on Etsy.com. If you want to find item listings for pieces we’ve co-created, search for “Verb.Memo.Love.” in Etsy’s search field. We’ve just posted our first collaboration, so give the Etsy engine a few minutes to get it indexed before you try the search.

In the meantime, take a look at our debut item: Anthro- Inspired, Long, Multi-strand “Bead Soup” Necklace Using Repurposed Jack Chain & Colorful Hand-wrapped Beads, 38 Elegant Inches Long and feel free to share your opinions with us here.

Of course, if you’re a pinner, we would love to find our creations on your boards…


Part “Bohemian.” Part “High Fashion.” Part “Upcycled Fashion.” My Bead Soup necklace is a stunning piece that is sure to attract many compliments and envy.

At Long Last! New Items Posted on Etsy…

I’ve been away from the blog and from the studio for a while now, but I’m making a comeback! I’m thrilled to announce the debut of the first of several new pieces ready to list in my Etsy store. Please take a look at these handmade earrings and let me know what you think of them.


Wire and Purple Crystal Dangle Earrings OOAK