Week Two: The Craft Station

This week has been so BUSY! I know I’ve been promising a big post to let you in on all I’ve had going on (like moving Geronimoe and Picasa into their new-old home and the ready-for-etsy game, among other things), but I’ve been so wrapped up in those other things that I haven’t really found the time to sit down with you like this. At the pace this week has gone, I can hardly believe that it’s only Wednesday, but Wednesday means one thing for sure: New Project Announcement!

I’m going to show you a picture of a physical area in my life that is somehow out-of-hand today. On Monday, I’ll be back with a photo of the same area after four good days of wrangling it back into proper order or repurposed for better utility or appearance. YOU are invited to do the same on your blog and link to the post in the comments here and on Monday’s post.

C’mon! It’ll be good therapy… Trust me, it will.

I know I said on Monday that my project this week would be my purse, but after a fountain drink fell off the table and into my purse earlier this week, I advanced that project just a tad. It wasn’t hard to find a replacement project; I’m sure you’ll easily see why it was easy to identify.

With no further introduction, I am (so not) proud to present to you (drum rollllllllllllllllll) the Craft Station:

Week Two

Week Two: The Craft Station

This is the table (yes, there really is a table under there) where I sit to do the work of and play at designing and making fashion jewelry. In many ways this project is just as big as the workbench was last week, but My Sweetheart has been acquiring new containers and other supplies for a while now to help me create more pieces. He’s ready for me to get my Etsy shop open (so am I), so he’s been very helpful and full of encouragement about the jewelry “thing,” so I am dedicating this week’s project to him.

My blog-buddy over at Janey’s Room has already posted hers. Check out her pre-transformation coat rack.

Now, where’s yours?