Know Why “Fish Don’t Fry In The Kitchen”?

Admit it. “Beans don’t burn on the grill” crossed your mind faster than you could click that title, but you don’t have a clue what either of those lines mean. Don’t worry; you are not alone.

“Movin’ On Up” by Ja’net Dubois (from Good Times) and Jeff Barry is one of the most recognized and beloved songs to have graced prime time television. Also known as the theme from The Jeffersons, this classic bit of syndicated nostalgia is not only one of the most familiar songs ever, but it’s one of the most baffling. Why? Because no one really has an explanation for why, as the song goes, “fish don’t fry in the kitchen.”

If you clicked hoping for some great enlightenment about the culinary delights on the menu in Queens, NY in the mid-70’s, I’m sorry to let you down. I’ve always been curious about the meaning of the song, too, especially because that line of that song always seems to come to mind when some aspect of my life seems to be looking up or taking a turn for the better. When that happens, I always wonder if the phrase is supposed to be some kind of warning against a potential and specific obstacle or challenge along the untraveled path.

I’m wondering about this lyric today because I’ve got an announcement to make about a big change on the very near horizon: repurposedKATE is movin on up! I’ve decided to move the blog from the hosting platform onto my own domain at And it’s a big deal, at least to me. I hope you will stick with me through the transition as I continue blogging here and updating and setting up shop at the new address. When the day comes for me to make the move, I’ll have everything that’s been posted here migrated to the new addy and we can pick up like we never left off at all.

MovingUpSign is moving to

I’m excited and I can’t wait you commenting and posting on the new site! In the meantime, if you know what “Fish don’t fry in the kitchen” means, please post it in the comments satisfy my curiosity once and for all. (If you just want to say hello or even link to something happening on your blog/site, that’s okay too. I ❤ comments….)