Contents Under Pressure

I have a one-year-old chihuahua named LB (“Lightning Bolt”–I’ll tell you that story another time) Wilbur III, Esquire. I adore LB to pieces and baby him way more than I should most of the time. Today, LB is being a moody little pain in the butt and growls and barks his head off at the whole family every time one of us so much as moves an inch. I have told him a dozen times or more to knock it off, but I might as well have been talking to a stump (a barking, growling stump), because when My Sweetheart came into the living room from the warehouse a little while ago LB went off like a freakin’ siren.

And so did I.

I got nose-to-nose with a (usually) sweet, little 4 pound dog and yelled my head off at him to stop it, Stop It, STOP IT! like an insane person. And I hurt the little guy’s feelings. Poor baby boy. I never even talk ugly to him, so he was totally unprepared for me to go off like that. I feel like a bad person for it.

The reason I lost my cool, I suppose, is the fact that I had been struggling over this post for–oh, I don’t know–close to an hour, maybe, and I had nothing to show for it at all. The reason I am, or was, stuck is I feel like I really have a lot to say here today and all of those thoughts are crushing up against each other trying to get out and building more and more pressure the more I try grab onto just one of those thoughts. My thought process has all the qualities of a warm, 2-liter bottle of Big Red soda that someone just dropped on the hot pavement. Not a good thing.

I was thinking about this post yesterday. The possibility that I would be blocked like I have been wasn’t even a consideration. In fact, I spent a lot of time thinking about this post and expected it to just flow right on through my fingers and into the internet then onto your screen almost effortlessly.  Just like I told you on Thursday that I was all fired up to kick the 4-day challenge meme in the patootie (yes, I said “patootie”), yesterday I was all fired up to tell you that the desk I had planned on moving out of the office for a complete surprise repurpose in another part of the warehouse had been given a stay of execution because I am not going to complete that project this week.

I know, I know… I am not doing so great with these challenges, am I? Not even a little bit.

The reason the desk is staying put is because poor prior planning promotes piss-poor performance and I had failed to take in the big picture when I posted the challenge set-up this week. Yesterday when I was ready to roll up my sleeves and get to clutter-busting the desk, I headed into the warehouse to clear the spot for the desk to start its new life as a major component in my new dressing/sewing room (construction pending). There’s no missing the big picture in the warehouse… It looked like this:

And there is no room there for my desk to find a new purpose…

So, I upgraded my challenge. This is the progress so far:

Wow! That pressure isn’t as strong as it was a little while ago. I think I will be able to get some more work done out in the warehouse before I make the next post.

Oh… And btw… I made up with my baby boy before I even made this post. I picked him up and held him close. he even rolled on his backand let me hold him like a baby and rub his tummy (a position in which he usually is pretty insecure staying for long) for as long as I wanted. But I didn’t kiss him on his cute little head, although I was quite tempted… LB does not being the recipient of kisses.


LB Wilbur III, Esquire

The 4-Day DeClutter Challenge (week 4)

If you read my response to MrsJ’s comments yesterday, you surely caught my reference to the 4-day challenge. I know that there are hoards of you hoarders out there poised and ready to shamelessly flaunt your clutter for all the world to see. I know you are all beside yourselves waiting and watching for me to publish this post so you can link the rest of us to the photos of your little corner of insanity.

I also know that after so many weeks of inactivity the likelihood that I am talking to an empty room is pretty high. Am I gonna let that get me down? You better believe it!

I joke. I joke!

I’m all fired up to kick this meme in the patootie, so here we go! (And I’m going to pick up on the week number as if we didn’t go weeks without a single round. It’s my blog… I can do that. :-D)

Instructions/Rules: (for those who would like to play along)

  1. Identify an area of your life that is overrun with clutter (could be a room in your home or workshop, your desk, your car, your purse, your wallet, a drawer… Even your file folders in your computer, your email inbox or to-do list… any type of clutter that you have been trying to ignore or overlook or work around is fair game for this meme)
  2. Get a photo of that clutter.
  3. Post your photo on your blog or Facebook or twitter or any place you are able to share images online and give the post the same title as this thread, The 4-Day DeClutter Challenge (week 4)
  4. Come back to this post and leave a comment that includes a link to the clutter photo you posted in step #3.
  5. Enjoy the rest of this week and the coming weekend any way you would like, but on Monday, take another photo of the area you photographed in step #2 and post it as you did in step #3 with the same title + the word “REVEAL”
  6. Come back to this blog again and keep an eye out for my REVEAL post and add a link to the post you made in step #5 in my comments.

The goal over the time between this post and the one on Monday is the de-cluttering of your featured area, but don’t forget the other goals of finding some inner and outer peace while meeting new people and having a little fun!

I guess there’s nothing left for me to say about the rules of the challenge at this point, so I guess it’s time to jump on in!

My area of clutter for week #4 is this desk: 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This piece of furniture is a wreck in the room it is being moved from. In this space, it is a horrible catch-all that really does have just about the whole world thrown at it or on it on any given day, so it is out of here! No, not out of my life, just out of it’s current location and into a more practical place. What a relief it will be to be rid of this eye-sore in the main chillin’ zone of the entire warehouse!

Your turn!


PARTICIPATE IN THE CHALLENGE AND ENJOY A 20% DISCOUNT ON ANY ITEM IN MY ETSY SHOP. I’ll send you a coupon code when you post your entry comments.

(Special invites to play are going out to: Not Messy (that’s MrsJ), Minimalism Journey, Janeys Room and my entire team at Upcyclers. Come play with me!!!!)

Week Two: The Craft Station

Last Wednesday I posted an image of the make-shift work station from which I have been crafting lately. You may recall that the area shown in the photo was a bit untidy. In case you don’t recall or missed the Wednesday post, here’s that photo again:

Week Two - Before

Week Two: The Craft Station… Before.

The funny thing about this photo and this week’s project, if you want to know the truth, may not be as funny to everyone who reads this as it is to me. The fact that the image above is actually more organized I than would be the “after” image I would send if I took a pic right now.

Yes, I said that… the “before” photo is more manageable than the “current/after” photo would be if I posted it now. How lame am I for that?

Only moderately, IMHO.

I have started to organize this area, sifting through the beads, buttons, chains and wire as well as tools and random baubles intending to stay focused on finding a system of order. But before I can even make room to bring in the cosmetic display cabinets My Sweetheart has brought me to use as sorting trays, something shifts and before I know it, all of the supplies I had been trying to  put away neatly are scattered on the table or in my chair, beads which had been put away are dumped out of their zip-lock baggies and all hope is lost…


Because my creativity has been on an upturn for the past couple of days and when another bracelet, anklet, necklace or some-such plants an image in my head and I’m on a tear to manufacture my vision.

Soooooo… My project is incomplete, at best. However… I have no less than 4 pieces in full swing, two nearly complete and ready for Etsy. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Hell to the yeah, it’s a good thing!

Even though I don’t have a new photo to post today, I am excited to see what my pals over  at Minimalism Journey and  Janey’s Room have done with their projects this week… Ladies?

What about the rest of you? Did you organize, repurpose, upcycle, recycle or declutter this weekend? Even if you didn’t post it here on Wednesday, tell me about your latest project in the comments.

Week Two: The Craft Station

This week has been so BUSY! I know I’ve been promising a big post to let you in on all I’ve had going on (like moving Geronimoe and Picasa into their new-old home and the ready-for-etsy game, among other things), but I’ve been so wrapped up in those other things that I haven’t really found the time to sit down with you like this. At the pace this week has gone, I can hardly believe that it’s only Wednesday, but Wednesday means one thing for sure: New Project Announcement!

I’m going to show you a picture of a physical area in my life that is somehow out-of-hand today. On Monday, I’ll be back with a photo of the same area after four good days of wrangling it back into proper order or repurposed for better utility or appearance. YOU are invited to do the same on your blog and link to the post in the comments here and on Monday’s post.

C’mon! It’ll be good therapy… Trust me, it will.

I know I said on Monday that my project this week would be my purse, but after a fountain drink fell off the table and into my purse earlier this week, I advanced that project just a tad. It wasn’t hard to find a replacement project; I’m sure you’ll easily see why it was easy to identify.

With no further introduction, I am (so not) proud to present to you (drum rollllllllllllllllll) the Craft Station:

Week Two

Week Two: The Craft Station

This is the table (yes, there really is a table under there) where I sit to do the work of and play at designing and making fashion jewelry. In many ways this project is just as big as the workbench was last week, but My Sweetheart has been acquiring new containers and other supplies for a while now to help me create more pieces. He’s ready for me to get my Etsy shop open (so am I), so he’s been very helpful and full of encouragement about the jewelry “thing,” so I am dedicating this week’s project to him.

My blog-buddy over at Janey’s Room has already posted hers. Check out her pre-transformation coat rack.

Now, where’s yours?