Getting “Jailed Johnny” On My Level

This is my entry for the Diva’s 153rd Challenge using Sadella Wiltshire’s pattern, “Jailed Johnny.” I have lots of links to The Diva Challenge and Sadelle’s step-by-step instructions for drawing her pattern as well as the full-sized image for Get On My Level in my official submission.

I happen to know that Sadella has some great boards and great pins on Pinterest… (I follow her… Hint, hint.) Check out this sampling:

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The 4-Day DeClutter Challenge (week 4)

If you read my response to MrsJ’s comments yesterday, you surely caught my reference to the 4-day challenge. I know that there are hoards of you hoarders out there poised and ready to shamelessly flaunt your clutter for all the world to see. I know you are all beside yourselves waiting and watching for me to publish this post so you can link the rest of us to the photos of your little corner of insanity.

I also know that after so many weeks of inactivity the likelihood that I am talking to an empty room is pretty high. Am I gonna let that get me down? You better believe it!

I joke. I joke!

I’m all fired up to kick this meme in the patootie, so here we go! (And I’m going to pick up on the week number as if we didn’t go weeks without a single round. It’s my blog… I can do that. :-D)

Instructions/Rules: (for those who would like to play along)

  1. Identify an area of your life that is overrun with clutter (could be a room in your home or workshop, your desk, your car, your purse, your wallet, a drawer… Even your file folders in your computer, your email inbox or to-do list… any type of clutter that you have been trying to ignore or overlook or work around is fair game for this meme)
  2. Get a photo of that clutter.
  3. Post your photo on your blog or Facebook or twitter or any place you are able to share images online and give the post the same title as this thread, The 4-Day DeClutter Challenge (week 4)
  4. Come back to this post and leave a comment that includes a link to the clutter photo you posted in step #3.
  5. Enjoy the rest of this week and the coming weekend any way you would like, but on Monday, take another photo of the area you photographed in step #2 and post it as you did in step #3 with the same title + the word “REVEAL”
  6. Come back to this blog again and keep an eye out for my REVEAL post and add a link to the post you made in step #5 in my comments.

The goal over the time between this post and the one on Monday is the de-cluttering of your featured area, but don’t forget the other goals of finding some inner and outer peace while meeting new people and having a little fun!

I guess there’s nothing left for me to say about the rules of the challenge at this point, so I guess it’s time to jump on in!

My area of clutter for week #4 is this desk: 

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This piece of furniture is a wreck in the room it is being moved from. In this space, it is a horrible catch-all that really does have just about the whole world thrown at it or on it on any given day, so it is out of here! No, not out of my life, just out of it’s current location and into a more practical place. What a relief it will be to be rid of this eye-sore in the main chillin’ zone of the entire warehouse!

Your turn!


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(Special invites to play are going out to: Not Messy (that’s MrsJ), Minimalism Journey, Janeys Room and my entire team at Upcyclers. Come play with me!!!!)