Humbug Hangover

The holiday season that leads to a new year can be, for some, pretty stressful. I guess it is for me, too, despite the fact that our household doesn’t really celebrate much beyond Thanksgiving. 

I think it’s pretty lame that I let the season get me down, and I have known that it’s an issue for about a decade, but this year I realized how much the season’s affect on me effects my entire household. As usual, I tuned out at about the time we finished the last of the Thanksgiving turkey and I haven’t really tuned in before this week.

I more or less left my family to fend for themselves and my sweetheart has really done so much in and around the house that shows me he want to be a part of my purpose-finding mission that I am very nearly speechless in my gratitude. While he has brought a lot into the house, he has also been dedicated to managing what was already there and he’s even been de-cluttering! I am so lucky to have him!

Now, it’s time for me to get back in the swing of repurposedkate, online and off. Please excuse my absence; hopefully it won’t be happening again soon.