Get On My Level

Get On My Level (for The Diva's Challenge #153)

My entry for The Diva’s 153rd Challenge: Get On My Level using “Jailed Johnny” pattern by Sadelle Wiltshire.

My first submission to the weekly challenge hosted by The Diva. I call it “Get On My Level” because I am hoping that I succeeded in creating a tri-level effect for my tangles’ display. Level 0 is the level of the physical page which reaches all four edges of the paper and creates a grid of windows which expose the tangles unrestricted in level -1 below and provides mounting points for the “cells” confining the upper-level tangles.

To meet the challenge criteria, I tried my hand at the pattern “Jailed Johnny” by Sadelle Wiltshire . Johnny turns up three times: once in a confined ribbon in the cell above and to the right of the “i got the memo” text and in two columns directly below (and one space to the left of) the title text, on the one completely “free” level. I guess I just hate to see anyone locked up, so I set Johnny free. I hope he makes the most of it.

If you found my blog through the challenge, WELCOME! I hope you will stay long enough to check out the rest of my blog, follow it (and follow me on Pinterest!) and visit often.

I love comments and I am totally open to suggestions about improving my Zentangle inspired drawings… Please critique! If you like Get On My Level, please share it by pinning to one of your pinboards or sharing any way you like through the social sharing buttons below.

8 thoughts on “Get On My Level

    • Thanks, Annemarie! What a great compliment, especially considering how many talented artists I have seen tangling! I think I am hooked on this new habit… I mean hobby. I’m sure I will be posting more in the future.

    • I must have been thinking the same thing… When I posted this image, I made sure to include “directions” to Johnny’s location in the description. When I included it in a regular page, I also posted close-ups to help find him.

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