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This is going to be my last post on this blog. It’s time for me to start over and I’m not going to just keep re-inventing myself here. It just isn’t right for me now. I’m making a move and starting over on my own domain. I’m taking this blog with me, but there are a lot of changes coming for repurposedKATE, and this platform just isn’t the right one for what’s going to happen next.

I hope you’ll come with me to repurposedKATE.com. There’s still a lot of setting up I’ve got to do there, but I’m going to start building there instead of adding to what has already come to an end here. I’m looking forward to great, new adventures and a new direction.

C’mon! We’ll have a blast!

Know Why “Fish Don’t Fry In The Kitchen”?

Admit it. “Beans don’t burn on the grill” crossed your mind faster than you could click that title, but you don’t have a clue what either of those lines mean. Don’t worry; you are not alone.

“Movin’ On Up” by Ja’net Dubois (from Good Times) and Jeff Barry is one of the most recognized and beloved songs to have graced prime time television. Also known as the theme from The Jeffersons, this classic bit of syndicated nostalgia is not only one of the most familiar songs ever, but it’s one of the most baffling. Why? Because no one really has an explanation for why, as the song goes, “fish don’t fry in the kitchen.”

If you clicked hoping for some great enlightenment about the culinary delights on the menu in Queens, NY in the mid-70’s, I’m sorry to let you down. I’ve always been curious about the meaning of the song, too, especially because that line of that song always seems to come to mind when some aspect of my life seems to be looking up or taking a turn for the better. When that happens, I always wonder if the phrase is supposed to be some kind of warning against a potential and specific obstacle or challenge along the untraveled path.

I’m wondering about this lyric today because I’ve got an announcement to make about a big change on the very near horizon: repurposedKATE is movin on up! I’ve decided to move the blog from the wordpress.com hosting platform onto my own domain at repurposedKATE.com. And it’s a big deal, at least to me. I hope you will stick with me through the transition as I continue blogging here and updating and setting up shop at the new address. When the day comes for me to make the move, I’ll have everything that’s been posted here migrated to the new addy and we can pick up like we never left off at all.


repurposedKATE.wordpress.com is moving to repurposedKATE.com

I’m excited and I can’t wait you commenting and posting on the new site! In the meantime, if you know what “Fish don’t fry in the kitchen” means, please post it in the comments satisfy my curiosity once and for all. (If you just want to say hello or even link to something happening on your blog/site, that’s okay too. I ❤ comments….)

Why Hipsters Killed Social Media Buttons

The term “hipster” is only taken in such a derogatory way because every hipster is adamantly opposed to being considered hipster.

This point brought to mind the poem, A Peculiar Evolution, not from the similarities of the concepts, but through the polar opposite views of each class, “hipsters” and people identifying (or trying to identify) themselves by a label initially created to segregate rather than… Well, I will let the poet explain, because I don’t want you to think that I missed the point of the original post. Watch, read, then let me know if you make the connection as well or let me know that I’m crazy.

Derek Hobson fantastically explains why I have been agonizing (pointlessly) over my social media buttons and how to get them clicked. A worthy read whether your buttons are getting clicked or not.

The Bittersweet Season Begins Again

I just opened my admin panel to make a quick post and found this notification from WordPress waiting for me:

Happy Anniversary! You registered on WordPress.com 2 years ago! Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

I can hardly believe all of the unexpected and heartbreaking events that have taken place in the past two years, but through it all, I have My Sweetheart and I feel like our love grows more and more every day. Two years ago I wouldn’t have expected to be saying that now. Maybe that’s just proof that everything really does happen for a reason. {sad smile}

Anyway… I am here to make a quick post about the upcoming holiday season, which is always so difficult for me. If you’ve read this blog from the beginning, you know that I lost my grandparents a year apart at this time of year over a decade ago and have seen very little of my natural family since then. My Sweetheart is known to say that when we grow up, our family becomes more about the people we choose to have in our lives. I agree with that philosophy more and more, but in the past year (or two) the list of those we call family is shorter and shorter. Last year we lost two members of our closest family, our friend Pam and our Diggity Dog, exactly one month apart, and those wounds are still very fresh today. Almost everyone else we have come to know and love and trust as family have pruned themselves from our chosen family tree by one form or another of deceit or devious behavior. With so few friends to call on this year, my favorite aspect of the holidays is going to be a bit tricky.

THAT is what I was going to post about… My favorite thing about the holiday season is cooking for the people I love. Every year, My Sweetheart and I put out an open invitation to everyone we know to join us for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t think that’s going to happen this year. Instead, we have decided that we aren’t even going to celebrate on the same day as the rest of the country. This year, we will be celebrating one day early. We lost our Diggity Dog on the day before Thanksgiving last year, so we are going to celebrate that little dog and everything else for which we are thankful on the anniversary of his passing. (Yes, I know that the date won’t be the same, but it’s the significance of the *day* that means something to us.)

And, just because we aren’t going to expect to feed a family the size of an army, don’t think I won’t be cooking up a feast. I’m already looking for a couple of new recipes to include in this year’s menu on Food.com. I’ve been a member of the site since it was called RecipeZaar.

RecipeZaar founding member banner

My username there is “LoveToCookHateToClean,” so if you have a recipe to help brighten our season a little bit, let me know in the comments here or find me in the community pages there. I love learning new dishes for My Sweetheart.

Are the holidays a difficult time for you, too? Share your coping strategy in the comments. I need all the help I can get.