I have been participating in the weekly challenge presented by Laura on her I Am The Diva Zentangle-centric blog for a few weeks now. This week I submitted my entry of my posted Backbone ZIA through Waft, Three Ways. I appreciate all of the great (really great) comments, some of which inspired more tangling. Now I have a second submission for this week.

To refresh your memory, this week’s theme from The Diva is The Diva’s Weekly Challenge #156: “Curvy Gridlock” and is Laura’s answer to a participant who wrote that she can’t draw a straight line.

The Diva throws straight lines out the window and I did as well, in my latest drawing, as I focused on bending my grid-based patterns to conform to their containers. I call the result Escence, intentionally misspelled as in fluorescence rather than as in essence because of the highlights I added with three Crayola Twistables fluorescent pencils.

The images below were shot under black light. Unlike this week’s earlier monotangle, this piece is rich with a variety of patterns on my usual 8-1/2″ x 11″ sketch paper. I usually only tangle a portion of the page, but Escence pushes past any margins to the absolute edges of the page.


Black light capture of my ZIA, Escence. Click the image to view larger image. (Must see to appreciate.)

I am super happy with the outcome. What do you think?

10 thoughts on “Escence

    • Thanks!

      This ZIA was drawn on Marshmallow smooth cardstock from Colorbok. (item 68206 on using a Staedtler 0.3mm Triplus Fineliner, porous point marker pen in black ( for the finest lines and a black Sharpie ( for the boldest lines and filling in. The fluorescence was created with Flourescent Pink, Flourescent Yellow and Flourescent Orange Crayola Twistables from my 18-color pack ( which also contains the Black pencil I used for shading.

      My Sweetheart took the awesome photo. The black ink, however, reflected the blue cast of the black light in the original image which made all of the lining, fills and shading appear to have a blueish color instead of true black. I was able to correct the color using the new editor options within Google+ Photos on my Samsung Tab2.

    • Thank you! I wish the black light had been an “idea,” but it was more like a “happy accident.” My Sweetheart and I had been using the black light to authenticate some gemstones when the light happened to fall on the crayola pack and reveal the fluorescence of the pink, yellow and orange pencils. Lucky me!

  1. I’m very lucky to get to watch these things come to life right in front of my eyes it simply amazing. these pictures are beautiful. They don’t do it justice of how beautiful it really is in person. thank you for sharing this wonderful gift with me and everyone else you are Amazing!

    • You should give it a try, Patricia, especially if you use a black light with any regularity . I enjoy seeing the colors jump off the page every time I so much as glance toward this ZIA.

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