Waft, Three Ways

Short but sweet today…

The Diva’s Weekly Challenge #156: “Curvy Gridlock”.  Today’s theme is Laura’s answer to a participant who wrote that she can’t draw a straight line. The Diva throws straight lines out the window.

My response, Backbone,  monotangles the Waft pattern three different ways onto a geometrically curvy string of my own creation. The string itself kinda resembles the interlocking vertebrae of a spine,  thus the title of my tangle. I thought the wavy pattern was an interesting contrast to the sure-straight ideal backbone condition.


Submission for The Diva's Weekly Challenge #156: "Curvy Gridlock"

I am happy, I think, with the outcome. What do you think?

22 thoughts on “Waft, Three Ways

    • Thank you so much, Beth, for your compliment. This pattern of yours is one of my very favorites to tangle. Waft is a prominent pattern feature in my first challenge submission. Waft balanced my complete design by tying together five sections of the piece I titled Get On My Level. I really like how the pattern lends itself to transitioning between variations “on the fly.” Thanks for sharing such a great pattern!

  1. Wow its almost an opticle illusion, as if they are 3 seperate tangles done on acetate then laid over each other. As Karen says above, very cool x

    • Welcome, LonettA! Thank you! I have just been admiring your blog and all of the activities in which you participate – you stay busy! I love your post about your dog. I also have a solid black dog, an almost-two-pound chihuahua… But perhaps I should make this comment on your blog… Yes, I think so.

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  4. Love how you filled the whole tile with the same pattern and then let the string decide where to change from black to white. Makes a very strong composition. Beautiful.

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