Be My Valentangle

I realize that I probably should have expected The Diva’s Weekly Challenge  to have a Valentine theme this week, but I had so much anticipation for the announcement that I didn’t even consider the obvious.

I don’t create many pieces featuring hearts. I don’t have anything against heart art; hearts just don’t organically manifest in my art very often. The Valentine’s Day theme, therefore, this week’s challenge lived up to the title for me. I played with several ideas before I came up with this one.


I was a little concerned about the minimal pattern integration, but My Sweetheart likes it and that’s good enough for me, but I hope you like it, too. If you do like it, please use the social sharing buttons below to like, pin, tweet or otherwise share “Valentangle” with your networks.

16 thoughts on “Be My Valentangle

  1. I came back to look at this – and found where the comments box was this time! Love it and the clean and simple lines you choose. It’s hard to leave space in Zentangle sometime but it really pays off if you resist the temptation! I’m still learning…

    • Thanks for your perseverance, Annie. I think I tend to err most frequently in the direction of overkill. I don’t think I have ever been accused of signing a piece with “not quite enough” content. Haha.

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