At Long Last! New Items Posted on Etsy…

I’ve been away from the blog and from the studio for a while now, but I’m making a comeback! I’m thrilled to announce the debut of the first of several new pieces ready to list in my Etsy store. Please take a look at these handmade earrings and let me know what you think of them.


Wire and Purple Crystal Dangle Earrings OOAK

2 thoughts on “At Long Last! New Items Posted on Etsy…

  1. These are by far my favorite. Love them, love them, love them. Asymmetrical if you’re only looking at one earring but, a mirror image of each other. It’s one thing to do that when beading but to pull off two wire wraps that are so beautifully handcrafted is an example of someone who obviously loves what they do. It shows and we appreciate it. Cheers Kati! Keep it up, we like it.

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