Stand Up Eight

Japanese Proverb, Graffiti, Seattle

I don’t know why I let a bit of chaos derail me from this blog (again). As difficult as blogging can become when life starts throwing curve-balls, it is always harder to come back and post after a period of not posting anything at all. The diversions that turned me from the blog some three months ago have been defeated for the better part of the summer and I have been ready to post again, just not ready to bite the bullet. I think part of the avoidance has been a lack of certainty about my Etsy shop and fearing that I might find failure in that endeavor while trying to promote it here. Hopefully I have found the support solution I have been needing for the shop because I am sick and tired of not blogging and I can’t stay away any longer.

I’ve joined an Etsy group (groups are called “teams” on Etsy) and I think membership alone will help drive my shop to success. Luckily, in case I’m wrong about the placebo effect of membership, the Upcyclers team is behind me with lots of help and advice and support. Oh, and I don’t think it will hurt anything that things are going pretty smoothly on the home front and I’ve got lots of merchandise to begin posting in the shop, too. Things are lookin’ up and I am excited about the possibilities and opportunities coming my way. Can’t wait to tell you all about it and get you caught up with all that I’ve been up to!

So, enough about all that for now… What’s been going on with you?


12 thoughts on “Stand Up Eight

  1. Glad you’re back. I was wondering how you were. By the time we’re done on this earth, we stand up 27,9001 – plus times. Congrats on the Etsy endeavor. Being brave is the hardest part.

    • HaHa, MrsJ! That’s a beautiful statistic and reading it brightened my day! Thank you so much. You aren’t kidding about being brave; it’s hard to not just run away sometimes, but if I am going to fail at this blog thing or the Etsy thing, I am going to go down trying. There aren’t many times/efforts in my past about which I can say that, but this time I can!

      Hope you are well. I also hope you will find something in your “not messy” world to tidy up with us tomorrow when I bring back the Four Day Unclutter Challenge!

  2. Love it! I think we all need a little chaos and distractions to help keep our creativity and motivation flowing. Blogging was originally designed to be an online diary and journal writing is the best way to nourish the soul. 🙂 The important thing is balancing your time between what you want to do and what needs to be done.

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