Week Two: The Craft Station

Last Wednesday I posted an image of the make-shift work station from which I have been crafting lately. You may recall that the area shown in the photo was a bit untidy. In case you don’t recall or missed the Wednesday post, here’s that photo again:

Week Two - Before

Week Two: The Craft Station… Before.

The funny thing about this photo and this week’s project, if you want to know the truth, may not be as funny to everyone who reads this as it is to me. The fact that the image above is actually more organized I than would be the “after” image I would send if I took a pic right now.

Yes, I said that… the “before” photo is more manageable than the “current/after” photo would be if I posted it now. How lame am I for that?

Only moderately, IMHO.

I have started to organize this area, sifting through the beads, buttons, chains and wire as well as tools and random baubles intending to stay focused on finding a system of order. But before I can even make room to bring in the cosmetic display cabinets My Sweetheart has brought me to use as sorting trays, something shifts and before I know it, all of the supplies I had been trying to  put away neatly are scattered on the table or in my chair, beads which had been put away are dumped out of their zip-lock baggies and all hope is lost…


Because my creativity has been on an upturn for the past couple of days and when another bracelet, anklet, necklace or some-such plants an image in my head and I’m on a tear to manufacture my vision.

Soooooo… My project is incomplete, at best. However… I have no less than 4 pieces in full swing, two nearly complete and ready for Etsy. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Hell to the yeah, it’s a good thing!

Even though I don’t have a new photo to post today, I am excited to see what my pals over  at Minimalism Journey and  Janey’s Room have done with their projects this week… Ladies?

What about the rest of you? Did you organize, repurpose, upcycle, recycle or declutter this weekend? Even if you didn’t post it here on Wednesday, tell me about your latest project in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Week Two: The Craft Station

  1. I am close! This one is gonna be down to the wire. But I’ll post soon.

    Totally have been in that situation before, but it usually involved kids undoing what I’ve just done. Chin up and be glad about your finished Etsy pieces. And I bet your second attempt at organizing will be even better than the first!

    • Thanks, Kandice. At least I feel like I went down swinging!

      I’ll make a deal with you if you’re game… I’ll post my photo of the craft station “as is” if you’ll post your breakfast room (when you come to a breaking point of your choice)… Then we’ll celebrate our victory and throw in the towel on this week’s project. Deal?

      We should give Janey’s Room a chance to show off her Ikea makeover first, though.

  2. You’re doing great! Sometimes creativity is just messy! You should see me cook 🙂
    I’m going to link up with you eventually. This is such a great idea, i’m just slow.
    So impressed with all you creative success and progress !

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