Week One: The Workbench…

I realize that it has been a short time, make that a very short time, since I announced that My Sweetheart and I have leased a warehouse and posted photos of the (then-)cavernous 2500 sq ft interior of that warehouse. I also realize that the reason we chose to go the warehouse route (an important factor in the decision, anyway) is My Sweetheart’s compulsion tendency ability to  dumpster dive discover treasures he can’t pass up every time he leaves the house. What I didn’t realize is just how quickly 2500 sq ft of open area can get out of hand… Even before we’ve moved all of our existing possessions from storage. I should have been more strict from the start, but I wasn’t and now, where there should be a workbench and tool storage area, we have this:

Now I’m going to get this workbench/tools area back under control and post the results on Monday.

Is there an area of your world (a room, a drawer, wallet, purse) that has lost it’s purpose to clutter? Take a pic & post it on your blog and post a link in the comments here. You’ll have 4 days to de-clutter the area and post the results on Monday.

C’mon!  It’ll make you feel better and increase your link-love, too.

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I have a lot of work to do….


9 thoughts on “Week One: The Workbench…

  1. I so can’t wait to see what you make of the warehouse! Do you imagine what the living area and the storefront will look like? I think it sounds like a marvelous adventure! And a great way to get rid of the clutter. Incidentally, The Family Place will come pick up any of your discards that you don’t want, can’t use or won’t repurpose for your business. I’ve got a hard deadline for when they are coming, so I will be sure to have stuff waiting for them to cart out of my house.

    • I do have a mental image of the full transformation, but the vision is ever-shifting… We’ve brought in something like three full truck-loads of repurposables (I may have just created that word) and other materials in the past week. As far as discards, we’re not likely to have any. One aspect of our lifestyle choices is that we avoid retail whenever possible in favor of harvesting the perfectly good stuff that the good citizens of Dallas are so quick to toss out. We tend to milk every possible drop of use from the items we bring in. Having said that, My Sweetheart and I will gladly assist with any of your household’s “carting off” needs any time.

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    • I finally got it posted last night (as you already know…). Then I spent 15 minutes enhancing the post–that means typing more–but my internet connection ate my efforts. UGH!

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